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To ensure the safety of our patients:

  • Patients are screened prior to admission to exclude those who may pose a significant threat to the physical, sexual, emotional or mental health of others.
  • Violence is not tolerated.
  • Drug and alcohol use on site is strictly prohibited. We conduct compulsory urine tests and targeted searches to detect drug use, where necessary.
  • At night, the hospital is protected by a secure lockdown, which includes the monitoring of all visitors via a video surveillance system.
  • If required, we use the services of a security company and the WA Police.

Abbotsford Private Hospital is proudly accredited by the Australian Council on Health Care Standards (ACHS) and is licensed by the Health Department of WA.

Infection Control

Our infection control management is based on standards of the Australian Commission on Safety & Quality in Healthcare. Patients as well as carers and supporters are asked to respect our rules in relation to preventing the spread of infection. Read more about this important policy here:

> rules for patients
> rules for supporters

Hand Hygiene

We ask that patients and visitors use hand hygiene products placed throughout the facility. You will find them in general areas such as our reception, lounge areas and hallways, as well as outside patient rooms. We strongly encourage you to use the products on entering the hospital, before and after entering a patient room, and on leaving the hospital.