Definition of Terms

We provide therapy in many different ways. The following is an outline of how we categorise our sessions and a brief definition of our terms.

Day Program

Day programs are suitable for people who do not need inpatient treatment, but require more intensive support than basic counselling.

Inpatient Therapy

Inpatient treatment at Abbotsford is tailored to individual need. Inpatient stays are approximately 14 days and daily group therapy is a vital part of inpatient treatment and is therefore mandatory. A GP referral to one of our accredited psychiatrists is required for inpatient admission. Abbotsford is an open, voluntary hospital.

Group Session

Many of our programs involve group sessions. They enable the development of a support network for patients experiencing similar challenges. One or more therapists lead a group of approximately 10 patients. Some patients attend individual therapy in addition to groups, while others participate in groups only.

Open Group

Most of our open groups are offered daily. They are generally offered both morning and afternoon for 2-3 hours each. Participants can book in as they wish and attend at their discretion, when they choose to.

Closed Group

A closed group is one where participants cannot drop in and out and where the same set of participants remain in the group for the entirety of the program. Closed groups run only when at capacity.

Evening Group

A group session offered after 5pm to provide more flexibility for working patients and carers. To view our Evening Group options, click here.

Support Group

Our support group programs are suitable for people who have completed more intensive therapy at Abbotsford Private Hospital or Blackwood River Clinic and do not need inpatient treatment, but require more concentrated care than basic counselling.

Intensive Therapy

Our intensive therapy is a 14-day program for patients who have progressed to a stage of more focused therapy. Our intensive programs are run in a closed group format. They are designed to extend each participant’s capacity to self-manage by learning specific behavioural and mindfulness strategies.