Abbotsford_-160Secure, private, comfortable

Abbotsford’s inpatient hospital features 30 private single rooms, each with an ensuite.

Features of our inpatient rooms include:

  • environmentally-friendly sensor lighting
  • reverse-cycle air conditioning
  • remote-control window blinds
  • inbuilt remote light control
  • king single ensemble
  • locked drawers for personal items
  • landline telephone access
  • computer table
  • television
  • fresh laundered towels and linen


Our food is prepared fresh daily by our chef and his team. Please let us know upon admission if you have any specific dietary requirements or cultural restrictions. Meals can be enjoyed in our dining room or courtyard, but not within patient bedrooms. Meals are not provided for visitors or guests of the hospital.

Tea and coffee are available throughout the day in the patient lounge and dining room.


Our patient lounge includes a TV and a selection of DVDs. A Nintendo Wii video game system is also available, plus a selection of books and board games.


Internet Access

We understand the reliance many of our patients have on the internet, but are equally aware of the stress that can often be generated by this. We encourage discussion of internet access with your treating doctors.

Inpatients are welcome to bring in mobile broadband appliances / dongles once approval has been given by your doctor. However, please do so with the understanding and commitment to ensuring appropriate use outside of group therapy times and with consideration of others’ clinical needs.

For the first week of a patient’s stay, mobile phones may not be permitted. As part of the recovery process it is considered important for patients to take time to set their goals and concentrate on their wellness journey. There is a phone in each inpatient room for making and receiving local calls at the discretion of our doctors.