Abbotsford_-196At Abbotsford, we strive to create a seamless transition for patients in their journey from inpatient or day patient, to living and being active in the community. Throughout treatment and beyond, we work closely with a patient’s GP, support persons, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist or counsellor to ensure continuity of care.

Mutual respect between all those involved in providing and receiving our care sets an important foundation for achieving the very best practice in our field.

The hospital, with a treating capacity of up to 40 day patients, offers a full range of treatment services and options for mental wellness.

Patients must be 18 years or over and require a GP referral for day programs. For inpatient admission, a referral must be made to one of our accredited psychiatrists.

Our patients benefit from a supportive, ethical, respectful and relaxed environment.


There is ample paid parking facilities directly opposite the hospital on Cambridge Street.

Public Transport

The hospital is centrally located and is serviced by the Fremantle and Perth train lines. The closest train stations are West Leederville and Leederville. A bus stop is also situated directly in front of the hospital. Transperth Bus Routes 81, 82, 83, 84 and 85 travel down Cambridge Street at regular intervals.

Infection Control

We ask all of our patients to advise us prior to admission or on admission if they have had any infections and if they are currently on antibiotics.

If you currently have a wound, please let us know so it can be managed appropriately.

We have strict infection control standards and ask that patients and all visitors cooperate with us to minimise the risk of infection at Abbotsford. Click here to read more about our patient safety rules about infection control.

Hand Hygiene

We ask that patients and visitors use hand hygiene products placed throughout the facility. You will find them in general areas such as our reception, lounge areas and hallways, as well as outside patient rooms. We strongly encourage you to use the products on entering the hospital, before and after entering a patient room, and on leaving the hospital.

Smoking Rules

Smoking is recognised as a health hazard, but we also recognise the choice of individuals to do so. Permission to smoke whilst under our care is granted at the discretion of medical and nursing staff.

Smoking is strictly prohibited within the hospital, including in rooms, bathrooms and verandahs. A designated smoking area with ashtrays is provided and is the only area where smoking is allowed at Abbotsford.

It is not an area for socialising and we ask that time spent there be kept to a minimum.

Smoking after hours is not permitted in line with our overnight security, whereby the hospital is protected by a secure lockdown at nights.