Abbotsford_-113Abbotsford Private Hospital offers treating capacity for up to 30 inpatients and 40 day patients.

We provide continuity of care from a team of expert psychiatrists, medical specialists, nursing and allied health professionals, all working together to guide and support patients in their recovery.

Treatment Options

Our specialist treatment covers the full spectrum of psychiatric and psychological conditions in adults. Clinical teams tailor treatment plans to individuals. Our treatment options include:

  • Inpatient and day patient services
  • Full- and half-day programs
  • Evening and weekend programs
  • Family and carers’ support groups
  • A regional wellness clinic offering day programs

We offer prompt access to specialist mental health care services.

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We proudly provide an efficient referral and information process, (Monday to Friday) for the medical profession. Patient coordinators are available to answer questions, assist with the referral process, and to ensure you receive the right information to assist you and your patient.

To find out about our referral process, click here.

Inclusion Criteria

For admission to Abbotsford, patients must meet our inclusion criteria. Inpatients must be:

  • 18 years or over.
  • Ambulatory and self-caring with respect to showering, feeding and toileting.
  • Physically well enough to not need general hospital care.
  • Mentally and cognitively well enough to manage in an open, voluntary hospital where patients are free to exercise, socialise and dine out of the hospital, if they wish, after their daily therapy concludes.
  • Suffering a mental, psychological or social issue requiring hospitalisation.
  • Under the care of an accredited medical practitioner.
  • Preferably, a member of a private health insurance fund.

Patient Cover

Abbotsford is a preferred provider with most private health insurers, for inpatient and day patient care. Coverage is dependent on a patient’s level of cover with their fund. We recommend that your patient contacts us and their health fund in advance to discuss the proposed treatment and any related expenses.