Stage_Three_-30To Refer a Patient

As a referrer, it can often be difficult to know how to best help patients experiencing mental health concerns. It can also be time consuming to lo­cate the most appropriate services for them.

Who can Refer?

Only accredited health professionals can provide patient referrals to Abbotsford.

  • Day Programs >
    Patients require a GP referral for our day programs.
  • Inpatient Care >
    For inpatient admission, a referral must be made to one of our accredited psychiatrists. The psychiatrist will assess the patient before they are admitted to Abbotsford and will determine the most suitable treatment according to their individual condition and circumstances.

Required Information

Please include the following information in your referral:

  1. Patient’s name and date of birth
  2. Patient’s contact phone numbers
  3. Patient’s health fund details
  4. Patient’s 11-digit Medicare number (including reference number)
  5. Referring medical practitioner details (including name and provider number)

How to Refer

  • Please refer to one of our accredited psychiatrists for inpatient referrals or Intensive & Post-Intensive Day Therapy Program.
  • Written referrals can be faxed to (08) 9381 7681 or emailed to
  • Please contact our GP Hotline on (08) 9200 3310 for day program referrals and all general referral enquiries.

For your convenience we also provide a downloadable Referral Form and an online referral form.

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