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The path to mental wellness can be long when you have been faced with challenges that are difficult to overcome. Working and sharing with other people who have common experiences can give you the opportunity to feel more empowered, learn new coping strategies and develop a sense of belonging in the community.

Abbotsford’s treatment and support programs have been developed by experienced mental health specialists to help and support people struggling with the impact of mental ill health. If you or a loved one is suffering from thought processes and challenges that are affecting day-to-day life and you need extra support, we can help.

Our Evening Programs

Our programs offer therapy through group sessions that equip participants with the tools they need to create more stability in their lives.

Facilitated by experienced psychologists, with support from other allied therapists, patients learn to build resilience and focus on individual strengths.

We encourage the use of relapse prevention strategies, while helping patients to recognise their value and to develop self-belief. These programs are suitable for people who have completed more intensive therapy and do not need inpatient treatment, but require more concentrated care than basic counselling.

Contact us for scheduled sessions for these groups and to arrange attendance.

Women’s Group

Offered weekly, three-hour evening session, group therapy

Participants will be invited to explore a range of issues particularly relevant to women.

The group is facilitated by an experienced psychologist and topics that are considered include intimacy, family of origin, self-defeating behaviours, assertion, self-esteem, emotional self-regulation, relationships and control.

Men’s Group

Offered weekly, three-hour evening session, group therapy

Group participants will be invited to discuss issues that are common to men.

Facilitated by an experienced psychologist, topics to be considered include masculinity, family of origin issues, responsibility, fatherhood, emotional vulnerability, trust, relationships, sexuality, psychopathology and emotional self-regulation.


Weekly three-hour meditation, with occasional Saturday intensive group therapy

Mindfulness has become an integral part of the treatment programs at Abbotsford. This group involves Saturday intensive groups from time to time, supported by weekly meditation groups.

Participants learn the fundamentals of mindfulness and the integration of mindful practice into their daily lives. They then have the ability to rehearse those skills through the weekly meditation group.