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For people struggling with the effects of mental ill health, functioning in their local community can be difficult. It can be hard to adapt to change or deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

Developing efficient life skills can assist with a person’s enjoyment of life, improve their ability to cope with stresses and sadness, achieve the fulfilment of goals and potential, and help them develop a sense of connection to others.

The inability to effectively communicate, make decisions or problem-solve can leave a person feeling isolated from their loved ones and community. Participation in everyday life creates a sense of social and emotional wellbeing.

Abbotsford’s treatment programs have been developed by experienced mental health specialists to help and support people struggling with the impact of mental ill health.

Day Programs

Our day programs offer therapy through group sessions that equip participants with the tools they need to create more stability in their lives.

Facilitated by experienced psychologists, with support from other allied therapists, patients learn to build resilience and focus on individual strengths.

We encourage the use of relapse prevention strategies, while helping patients to recognise their value and develop self-belief. Participants work on their own issues and gain real-world skills that have meaning in their own lives.

Day programs are suitable for people who do not need inpatient treatment, but require more intensive care than basic counselling.

The Life Skills Program

Offered once a week, half day, group therapy

This program can assist vulnerable individuals with chronic mental illness who may be socially isolated.

It can also support people who are struggling to cope with daily life and find it hard to effectively function within their community.

Therapy focuses upon self-esteem, stress management, goal setting, planning, social skills, basic life skills, physical health, healthy lifestyle and medication management. These skills are developed on site at the hospital each morning and within the community in the afternoon.

The program is run by an experienced diversional therapist in conjunction with allied health professionals, with support from psychiatrists, medical officers, nurses and psychologists.

Inpatient Programs

Inpatient programs at Abbotsford are tailored to individual need. Inpatient stays are approximately 14 days and daily group therapy is a vital part of treatment and therefore mandatory.

A GP referral to one of our accredited psychiatrists is required for an admission.

Abbotsford Private Hospital is an open, voluntary hospital.