About Trauma

Abbotsford_-241Potentially traumatic events are powerful and disturbing incidents that can impact on a person’s daily life. Traumatic experiences may pose a significant threat to one’s physical or psychological wellbeing.

The same event may have little impact on one person, but cause severe distress to another. An individual’s response to an event may be related to the person’s mental and physical health, level of support at the time of the event, and past experience and coping skills.

Unresolved childhood trauma, as well as adult trauma, is often the cause of anxiety, depression and addictions. Trauma that is not addressed can cause patterns of adult self-destructive behaviour including:

  • substance misuse
  • impulsivity
  • reckless behaviour
  • self-loathing
  • depression and/or anxiety

Abbotsford’s treatment programs have been developed by experienced mental health specialists to help and support people struggling with the debilitating impact of unresolved trauma. If your past destructive experiences are affecting your day-to-day life, we can help.

Day Programs

Our day programs offer therapy through group sessions that equip participants with the tools they need to create more stability in their lives. Facilitated by experienced psychologists, with support from other allied therapists, patients learn to build resilience and focus on individual strengths.

We encourage the use of relapse prevention strategies, while helping patients to recognise their value and develop self-belief. Day programs are suitable for people who do not feel they need inpatient treatment, but require more intensive care than basic counselling.

Participants work on their own issues and gain real-world skills that have meaning in their own lives.

Healing after trauma program

Contact us for scheduled sessions for this group and to arrange attendance.

This program provides adult survivors of trauma and abuse an understanding of the way negative experiences in a person’s early years may impact upon core beliefs about themselves and the world in adulthood. This is a closed group, meaning a set of participants will remain in the group for the entirety of the program.

Participants explore their trauma issues in a supportive environment and develop skills to regulate emotions and manage adult relationships. Mindfulness-based exercises are included to assist participants in self soothing.

The group is facilitated by an experienced clinical psychologist who explores the participants’ current issues in light of their past trauma, as well as identifying negative behaviours, interventions and management strategies.

Inpatient Programs

Inpatient programs at Abbotsford are tailored to individual need. Inpatient stays are approximately 14 days and daily group therapy is a vital part of treatment and therefore mandatory.

A GP referral to one of our accredited psychiatrists is required for an admission.

Abbotsford Private Hospital is an open, voluntary hospital.