Family outdoorsWe recognise the vitally important role that family, friends and supporters play in the recovery and successful treatment of patients at both Abbotsford Private Hospital and Blackwood River Clinic. We understand their value to patient wellness and recognise that family and supporters may find their experience to be isolating, tiring and lonely, and may feel frustrated and frightened.

Supporters include parents, partners, siblings, children, grandparents, relatives, health workers, work colleagues and friends of people experiencing a mental health concern – anyone who is playing a role in supporting their loved one.

Abbotsford adopts an inclusive approach to treatment involving families, friends, carers and other significant people who support the patient. A healthy and reassuring support network is vital to help create change, and to enable it to be sustained.

Our focus and commitment is to:

  • Hear the concerns of the supporter, acknowledge the care they provide and to offer assistance and answers.
  • Speak with the supporter, not at them, in order to promote a wellness partnership for the patient.
  • Provide relevant and timely information and resources.
  • Empower supporters to communicate any concerns about the patient’s status.
  • Promote recognition of the carer as an individual.
  • Validate the emotions, efforts and anxieties that the supporter may experience throughout a patient’s therapy.

It’s important to recognise that you need support too.

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